The Only Thing That Counts:

Man’s degree of broadband awareness of The Absolute One (sh’mA), called God, Allah, Yahweh’s perfection


[I AM] Alone=Al(l) One

As the psychology of ‘sharing‘ has reached its peak, all indications are that circumstances will increasingly pressure mankind into absolute singularity, being that every building block of the universe (one verse), from the smallest to the largest, as well as their combinations and the snapshots thereof are unique. Not only are humans (hewn men, torsi void of spiritual limbs- Daniel 4:10 to 17) asked to hate one-another [Luke 14:26], and husbands and wives stay bound to their artificial vows for a shorter duration, but technological devices become so invasive that ultimately only spiritual wisdom and understanding in complete personal stillness can provide privacy and true security through the full engagement of all mental devices to each individuated aspect of the I AM, called man(I-fest-ation of god). 

Man’s delusion of ‘free’ will is but ignorance of the 4th-layer causes that make him act, unless he elevates himself unto that advanced state.

John 3:14- And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: [Room in the inn; new brain channels and connections through the employment of higher lateral-integral thought; N-E-W wine, as opposed to N-O wine and O-L-D wine understanding.]

Every eternal state in scripture has ALL the traits s/he requires to be as god– no ‘help’ from neighbors, professionals, clergy, groups, institutions, associations, organizations, or government necessary. 

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The Truth About ‘Truth’

If “A-L-L things are possible to God and to him that believeth”, then A-L-L things must also be true. A pity for those mainstream ‘scientists’, who made it their life’s purpose to ‘prove’ or ‘disprove’ anything whatsoever…


However, in order to not diffuse, confuse and misdirect oneself, one must have context and directive. Such is provided in the bible, the script(ure) for the ongoing interactive and precisely concerted opera “Heaven & Earth”, where the synopsis, plot, plot-points; perpetual roles, like male and female starring actors, director, prop guy, extras, crew, audience and moronic populace; directive and context are made known- to those with an ear, or the innate capacity for N-E-W-wine room in the inn.

Many a ‘scholar’, new-age ‘teacher, ‘expert’, or member of the worldly clergy has been quoted making remarks about the ‘INFINITY‘ of God. To the small, relative mind, it may seem that The ABSOLUTE One (sh’mA), called God, Allah, Yahweh is ‘infinite’. But that is just one more piece of spreaded falsity. If God consist of A-L-L things, here and now in order to B-E absolute, He is F-I-N-I-T-E. This leaves no doubt as to A-L-L things here & now, the meaning of the 9-word gospel- S-I-N-G-U-L-A-R!!, whereas the term ‘infinite’ would indicate a possible status imperfectus, thus leaving room for doubt, the spiritual meaning of “Satan, the Devil”, and “Unclean Spirits, Demons”.

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Man Is Made Of Light (Photons & Waves)


Soon: The 8 Steps To Overcoming Death, Graduating From Death, Superseding The Death-Curse With Wisdom, Understanding And Its Simultaneous Application In Order To Transfigure All Things Visible Into Pre-Curse Conditions.

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Jesus Of Nazareth, The Only Error-Free Thinker And Living Example To Follow

The Story Of His Real Picture

[His Real Digital Picture, Everybody Thought Was A Painting By King Abgar’s Painter Hannan, As All Technology Already Exists For Man(I-fest-ation) Of God To Be Discovered…]

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Man Has Been Given Dominion

Man(I-Fest-ation) of God has been given dominion over all physical things in his own individuated realm. If he does not exercise it, he is being dominated and must self and cross-eliminate from the selective educational testing field of prospective perfection, called “Heaven & Earth (theory & practice)”.

He is supposed to name the animals (animated symbols; meaning to learn their symbolism via their nature, absorb it, apply it and continually arise above them), NOT! to join them and falsely consider himself the descendant of (below) the brainless amoeba.


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Cure Your Disease Now!


THE MANIFOLD CAUSES: All disease (DIS-Ease) is caused by fear, doubt, jealousy, envy, stinginess (the ‘evil eye’), resistance to life’s events and neighbors (messengers as to what needs be overcome), hatred, criticism, being ‘against’, contradiction, animosity, frequent thoughts of killing and death, unforgiveness, confusion and the frequent misuse of words, or constant negation.

THE SIMPLE CURE: Love is the fulfilling of the law.

1-Love your self, your body and your circumstances as you are this minute. They (and you) have been brought here based on the precise, self-regulating law (lord I AM) of the hypersensitive ether.

2-Send out loving vibes and blessings to every man [The Absolute O-N-E (sh’mA), called God, Allah, Yahweh is playing all of man’s roles!]. If one blesses a man he has no power to harm.

3-Acquire spiritual wisdom, understanding and a new attitude of simultaneous application, which supersedes all error-based conditions.

Being against, or confused- causes (1) Stress; (2) the ‘flu'; (3) frequent ailments, pain; (4) chronic dis-ease of organs and body parts; (5) Finally cancer; (6) Death.

Continual criticism- produces rheumatism and arthritis, as critical, inharmonious thoughts cause unnatural deposits in the blood, which settle in the joints.

Absence or issues with Love and forgiveness– all heart disease.

Being Rich– thinking one ‘KNOWS’ all (the ‘rich’ man of the bible), thus being stuck in worldly pseudo-knowledge and blind to the 3 upper layers of scriptural meaning, causes complete stand-still, or paralysis, stroke, blood clots, stiffness of neck, knees, premature aging, etc.

Jealousy, hatred, fear– false growths (cancer).

Unforgiveness is the most prolific cause of disease. It will harden arteries or liver, and affect the eyesight. In its train are endless ills.


All the above are the effects of IGNORANCE (not being aware of the meaning of the world’s #1 mandatory instruction manual), the transgression that kills.

All sins (not meeting the mark) are forgiven, except the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit– the whole, complete, big LIVING picture, its meaning and simultaneous application, which demands room in the inn, i. e. taking Jesus Of Nazareth, the only error-free thinker, out of the manger of lowest-level carnal thought and applying only the highest. 


“I AM HEALTHY”- superseding all else (if faithful to it, believing it is so, while conjuring the highest possible sunny frequency of being weightlessly blissful within).


Haman’s 10 sons will be publicly hanged upon the request of Queen Esther, the Hebrew type for Last Eve. It means that, since ignorance is the ONLY transgression that kills, anybody of the previous 200 generations that has died and is now a dying member of the LAST generation [[[not 42 generations(!!) in Matthew 1:1, but only 41: and the present one of Jesus, symbol for those born-again of the order of Melchisedek, i. e. untrackable]]] is subject to it, BECAUSE s/he does not keep the commandments, completely disregards them, let alone thinking in-depth about their highest meaning…

Do you still intend to ‘learn’ from the DEAD and DYING?

John 14:15- If ye love me, keep my [10 + 2] commandments.

 Man’s faith is measured by the confidence he has in himself:

John 14:1- Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

And confidence derives from spiritual wisdom and understanding in the midst of today’s lowest level of hell (“He WILL”>HE’LL>H-E-L-L instead of “I AM“).

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The Real Meaning Of Thou Shalt Not “Kill”


Commandment #6 may literally mean that man is commanded not to kill, adding N-E-W wine understanding that by making any “I AM”-statement, deaths may also be included, but since they would happen indirectly, they are not under the law. However, if N-E-W wine meaning is allotted, ‘thou shalt not’ means ‘you CANNOT‘ kill.

Here’s why:

The Absolute One (sh’mA), called God, Allah, Yahweh consists of ALL things here and now. He is A SPIRIT, the primary cause, thus all things exist here and now in the INVISIBLE REALM of mind forever. This renders all things VISIBLE mere props, signs, symbols and parts of larger symbolism, thus secondary, for the INVISIBLE realm. If one destroys these VISIBLE props (animate or inanimate), for which Satan is the prop guy, whom men pay for that which they already own as they are The Absolute One’s relative representatives by the name (nature) “I AM”, one merely wipes away their reflection in the earthly mirror, so to speak. The one looking into the mirror is still standing before it.

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